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28 types of tomato ketchup

When lock-down happened I started shopping at a different supermarket. Slightly further from home, it was smaller and I

figured would be less busy - so better for social distancing.

What I like most about the change though, is that there’s less choice.

This may seem at odds with the rise of online shopping where almost anything in the world can be just a few clicks away.

And the notion that choice provides freedom, personal responsibility and independence.

But I think too much choice is a bad thing – for both buyers and sellers.

Buyers want an easy way to fulfil their need or want, and a re-assurance of value. They don’t want information overload.

Sellers want what customers want - albeit with an acceptable margin built in.

What’s more, there’s science to back this up. A 2018 study published in Nature Human Behaviour showed people prefer fewer options to more - to a certain extent. Too few and we feel cheated; too many and we're overwhelmed.

A leading supermarket chain that used to boast 28 types of tomato ketchup, now offers less choice. And it’s won back market share.

How many options do you like to compare? Is too much choice a bad thing?

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