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Do you really want to save the planet?

Then eat less meat and stop flying.

I heard this from environmentalists a few years back.

They were criticising carbon off-set schemes used by travel operators, saying it was far better to just reduce CO2 emissions.

Since then we’ve had the banking collapse, austerity, Brexit, coronavirus and more.

But the climate crisis hasn’t gone away and it's now - somewhat belatedly - top of the agenda.

Environmental groups are demanding government action to include:-

• More public information

• Taxing high polluters and incentivising low polluters

• Making it easier to adopt greener methods of living

Last year I looked into a greener way for home heating, but installation costs were 5 times higher than fossil fuel alternatives, and the incentive only paid half of this back - after 7 years!

So what about individual action?

Clearly we could all drive and fly less, walk and cycle more; eat less meat, buy local produce; turn our home heat down and wear another layer of clothing

But it's more difficult to make a personal choice that’s environment-friendly without a lead from the authorities.

So who should save the planet - governments or individuals?

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