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The Yin & Yang of marketing communications

According to wikipedia, Yin Yang is a concept where seemingly opposing forces may actually be complementary.

A system where the whole is greater than the assembled parts ... a bit like good marketing communications.

But sometimes marketing creative effort (aka messaging, aka content) can be wasted if there’s no simultaneous thinking about how best to reach target customers.

Good planning will find customer insight, copywriting will deliver compelling campaign headlines and art directors will conjure a look that stands out (whilst conveying brand).

Very often these are then delivered via a slick client presentation - something I call the “Tada!” moment.

Trouble is, without consideration for media channels, it’s not even half a plan.

Content that looks great on a big screen may lose impact and clarity on a small one. Clever headline copy may not lend itself to tactical executions. And a visual-first approach might not work well on search and radio.

And let’s not forget - media is where most of the marketing budget goes.

So creative and media need to work together to achieve marketing communications that resonate.

Does the Chinese philosophy of Yin Yang have anything to do with marketing communications?

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