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Transformation or evolution?

Digital transformation programmes have been widespread over recent years.

With businesses wanting to defend their market positions against new tech-led entrants.

And specialist consultancies and strategistsquickly identifying this concern - many successful in making the most of it.

But a bit like Y2K and GDPR, maybe some were over-engineering their approach?

Then along came coronavirus and lock-down. And a needs-must rise in tech use.

Video calls, contactless ordering and paymentand other digital solutions being implemented fast- without all the consultancy and strategy. Adaptations needed in order to survive.

I’ve generally opted for evolution over revolution in work and life, trying to implement changes as challenges have come my way.And I happily admit to following rather than leading on new technology.

So I‘ve been sceptical of large-scale digital transformation programs making big promises.

It occurred to me that what’s happened over recent months is digital evolution – with organisations adapting to help them survive in a changed environment.

Is digital transformation still relevant? Or has digital evolution just got faster?

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