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Problems or Opportunities?

Identify your marketing priorities

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Marketing Strategy

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Customer Insight


Marketing Communications

An initial audit of your current business, starting with your objectives and looking at what's working and what's not.

An analysis of your market and its potential, your competitors, and your current/potential customers to identify new opportunities.

Most importantly, an agreement on how to exploit these opportunities profitably.

A clear understanding of your customers is a great place to start. 

What do they buy and how much do they spend? Where and how do they go about it? When and how often? Why do they buy from you rather than a competitor?

Combine this with information on demographics, attitudes and emotional drivers to describe who your ideal customers are and how you might find more like them.

Establish the best ways to target, reach and engage with your potential customers.

Think about the customer's path to purchase and how you can influence things.

Consider the optimal balance of owned, earned and paid-for media channels.

Develop key messaging - not just what to say but when and how to interact for best effect.

Then make it happen. Evaluating and optimising as you go.

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Resource and Organisation

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Campaign and project management

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Budget management, evaluation & reporting

Assessing both internal and external capacity, skills and structure  to deliver your marketing plans.

Help fill any gaps cost-effectively with flexibility to scale up or down as required.

Briefing teams and partners; setting out business case, campaign objectives and deliverables; confirming budgets, timing plans and measures of success.

Clarifying team roles, accountability and decision making; identifying barriers and enablers to deliver projects and campaigns successfully.

How to justify your investment. Sharing customer value versus acquisition costs with your FD or MD.
Best practice procurement of paid media and creative services.
Long term brand building and short term sales activation.
On-going evaluation of all the above.

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