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Marketing Jargon

Someone recently told me they though marketing was a black art.

I said there's certainly a lot of flannel around, but that some of us try to cut through this and offer something rational and based on established best practice.

This got me thinking about some of the jargon used in marketing...

Content marketing, product marketing, performance marketing, influencer marketing, direct marketing, multichannel marketing, affilliate marketing, guerilla marketing, viral marketing, experiential marketing, ambient marketing, brand awareness, brand positioning, brand purpose, brand beliefs, brand personality, brand guidelines, brand metrics, brand response, seo, ppc, crm, cvm, ltv, ugc, cro, ga,ooh, cpa, cpm, cpc, ctr, roi, mpu, skyscaper,banner, impressions, visits, uu's, impacts, ots, oth,tvr, sov, som, wom, raf, fomo, nps,nrs, tgi,aidca, smp, 4 P's, 7P's, swot, asa, cap, isba, mrs, clearcast, barb, rajar, customer journey, loyalty ladder, pre-roll, roll-fold, gate-fold, adoption curve, ansoff matrix, boston matrix,wireframes, segments, profiling, persona, targeting, retargeting, behavioural targeting, contextual targeting, adsmart, drtv, reviews, ratings

By no means an exhaustive or up to date list, but it's understandable that those outside the marketing buble might be confused.

Are you put off my marketing speak?

Do you think it's a black art?

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